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Director’s Message

The Dairy & Food Polytechnic was established under a strategic partnership between Almarai Company and The General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) in cooperation with the Dutch Company CINOP and supported by The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

The primary role of the Polytechnic is to guarantee job opportunities for all trainees in the most reputable private organizations. In this regard, the Polytechnic provides the best theoretical, practical and training applications in the field of dairy and food conducted by elite trainers and tutors who have wide experience in this field. Furthermore, the Polytechnic provides English and computer programs in labs specialized for this purpose. The Polytechnic is well equipped with all the required facilities, laboratories and necessary equipments to perform its required role.

Technical courses are an integral part of our comprehensive curriculum, integrating both theoretical and field training. Our teaching concept is to move away from theoretical approach of education to practical approach of learning and consequently graduating qualified and well trained Saudi Nationals for the technical manpower requirements of Dairy & Food Industry.

On the occasion of a new training year, I am pleased to welcome all General Secondary School Graduates of the Science Division to join the Polytechnic and gain various advantages provided by training and to discover themselves in this distinct Polytechnic.

We are confident that the Polytechnic Management is continuously seeking to serve you, devoting its utmost efforts to establish the best training environment, ensuring the Polytechnic will always remain to address any future challenges and opportunities.

Ibrahim S. Alegaily

Director, Dairy & Food Polytechnic