In collaboration with the DFP in Al-Kharj Governorate, the Al-Kharj Road Security Command organized an awareness-raising workshop for the trainees, which comes within the security campaign launched by the Special Forces for the Road Security entitled: (Your security and safety is our Goal), which aims to strengthen the relationship between road security and road users.
The workshop presented by Major Abdul Rahman bin Zaid Al-Shuaibi and his colleague Sergeant Major Mubarak Muhammad Al Habshan to define the missions of the Special Forces for Road Security and its application to the concept of comprehensive security, the relationship of special forces for road security with the road users.
At the end of the workshop, the leadership of Al-Kharj Road Security honored the institute for its cooperation in activating and participating in the campaign. It also presented souvenirs that include the phrase "Your safety and security is our goal."
The Executive Director of the DFP Mr. Ibrahim Al-Egaily said: “The Institute participated in the awareness workshop because it believes in the significance of participation in the awareness-raising campaigns launched by several governmental and private agencies, to activate its role in social responsibility, and most of its aims to spread the social culture that is in the interest of the trainees.”
He added that the institute is keen on inculcating positive attitudes in the minds of its trainees, by activating awareness-raising and educational events, in addition to introducing training materials offered at the institute